Stories by Deloitte

Global Powers of Retailing 2014

The Deloitte report focuses on the theme of ‘Retail Beyond’ – the consumer revolution driven by converging technologies that is dramatically changing the industry.

Exploring Strategic Risk

This video clip from Deloitte LLP explores how companies globally are viewing their strategic risks through a global survey.

The SEA CFO Survey: Risk Defined

This report from Deloitte Southeast Asia focuses on how the role of the CFO has evolved due to increasing regulation and compliance issues.

Interactive Digital Media Shaping the Digital Future

This report from Deloitte states that Singapore is well on its way to become the regional hub for global Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector. With an astonishing growth, contributing S$2.06B of Value Added (VA) to the economy in 2012, it is evident that this sector is of growing importance to Singapore’s economy.