Stories by CIMA

Governance: Lessons From Asian Enterprises

In the past two months, CIMA has been writing about the Eastern and Western models of corporate governance and how the two approaches have held up during the recent global financial crisis. This article is the final part of the four-part series of articles, and focuses on case studies of Asian companies and their corporate governance structures and practices.

Breaking Glass: Strategies For Tomorrow's Leaders

CIMA’s report highlights how women frequently face additional challenges to advancing in male-dominated industries, and contains advice for employers on how to nurture and capitalise on female talent. Key findings include:

The Learning Curve: The Key to Future Management?

Learning curve models have many practical applications since they predict how long it will take to undertake future tasks. Management accountants must consequently take account of the impact of learning for planning, control and decision-making, says CIMA. Key Findings:

Using Management Accounting to Lengthen the Time Frame of Managers

Most criticism regarding traditional management accounting and control concerns its short-term orientation. This CIMA research project explores the strategy of the managing director of a large Dutch car dealer, Van den Udenhout (VdU), to lengthen the time span of his managers. Highlights:

CIMA Global Members Salary Survey 2010

CIMA’s second global members’ salary survey shows a demand for management accounting expertise. Sectors currenly offering the highest salaries are oil, gas and alternative energy as well as the retail, consumer, FMCG, food and drink and transport sectors.