Stories by CIMA

Fact or Fiction? The Independent Business Partner

Research from CIMA shows the value placed on professional independence and objectivity by senior management has been lagging, which may result in missed opportunities and increased risk. Key Findings:

Integrating Risk and Performance In Management Reporting

This CIMA report provides insights into how it is possible to link risk to performance management via top management reporting. It examines how risk-related information is reported to senior managers, and how it is linked to performance management. Key findings:

Tomorrow's Balance Sheet

Integrating strategies for corporate responsibility and evaluating their impact, both socially and environmentally, is becoming increasingly critical to business.

Project Portfolio Management in Turbulent Times

This CIMA paper explores the use of project portfolio management by organisations during the current turbulent economic conditions, such as the activities and practices involved, how these practices were influenced by the current economic conditions, and the benefits from its use. Inside:

Global Salary Survey 2010: Part-Qualified CIMA Students

This CIMA report provides insight into the current employment experiences and career aspirations of CIMA’s global student base, including salary expectations, job stability, and hotspots for top salaries.