Stories by CIMA

Sustainability and the Role of the Management Accountant

CIMA's survey finds that as there is a worldwide move toward ‘integrative’ reporting incorporating non-financial as well as financial data, management accountants are ideally placed to collaborate with senior management in producing fully integrated reports, reflecting sustainable strategies adopted by organisations which fulfi

Accounting Trends in a Borderless World

CIMA finds that momentum towards positions of greater responsibility is likely to continue for accountants the world over. In addition to analysis, trends point to roles that add value beyond traditional financial recording and reporting.    Inside:

Sustainability Performance Management: How CFOs Can Unlock Value

CIMA's report explores how robust sustainability performance management, driven by finance professionals, can be a key way to unlock significant business benefits across several areas: revenue generation, cost control, building trust and risk management. Inside:

CIMA Global Qualified Salary Survey 2011

CIMA's latest salary survey finds that despite another rollercoaster year, nearly half of the CIMA members surveyed are expecting a salary increase during the next 12 months, with 25 percent expecting a pay freeze.