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Cost Management: The Ignored Profit Center of Invoice Processing

Organizations have no problems identifying their top working capital management KPIs: days payable outstanding (DPO), cash flow gain, and return on invested capital. But it seems easy to oversee the importance of EPI: earning per invoice. This measurable invoice processing should be seen as a profit center. Here is why...

Getting Your Payables Right: Are You Ready?

Want to cash in on the networked economy? See how you can transform payables with smart invoicing. Whether PO invoicing, non-PO invoicing or services invoicing, look at the advantages of processing 100 percent of your invoices digitally. And, learn about PO-Flip®. Here’s more…

Getting Your Payables Right: Smart Invoicing, Smart Approach

Want to make AP a profit center? Transition to smart invoicing and connect with your suppliers over business networks to achieve a compliant, touchless invoice process. Plus, see how to gain from larger benefits through this collaborative approach in today’s digital economy

Tips: Making a Smart Choice to Achieve the Perfect Payable

Paper vs. electronic invoicing in a networked economy. How can you make a sound decision and drive a transformative change in AP? Look at interesting anecdotes here. Follow industry leaders. Attend events and leverage their experience. You can benefit too!

Transforming AP: Are You Ready to Change the Game?

In today’s digital economy, many leading companies are turning accounts payable into a strategic opportunity and helping make significant contributions to bottom-line results. Find out how they are doing it and how you can get started. Here’re the action steps

Accounts Payable: A Profit Center in a Networked Economy

American Electric Power’s collaborative and dynamic discount management approach helped optimize working capital and more for both the utility leader and its supply partners. Get the know-how and learn how your organization can cash in on this strategy