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Singapore Workers Work Day and Night, Says Study

Half of workers in Singapore spend well over eight hours a day at the office and 50 percent regularly take work home to finish in the evening.  This evidence of long working hours is seen in the latest global survey findings from Regus.  

Employees To Do More Holiday Shopping Online During Office Hours

With more freedom given to employees for accessing daily deal and social networking sites (SNS), such as Groupon, Facebook and Google+, or even for shopping online with a work-supplied device, more business and IT professionals in China and Hong Kong expect that employees will do more holiday online shopping during working hours this year than those in Asia and in the States, according to the

Singapore Business Confidence Holds Steady

In stark contrast to 2010 where satisfaction levels were largely similar across small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises, in 2011, companies which showed the highest levels of satisfaction with their business performance were those with between 200 and 999 employees.  

Olympus Comes Clean, Admits Gyrus Irregularities

With the prospect of delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange hanging over its head, Japanese camera and medical equipment giant Olympus Corp. bit the bullet on 8 November and disclosed that its 2008 takeover of Gyrus Group was tainted with irregularities.

China Reshuffles Its Banking and Finance Sector

China’s securities regulator Shang Fulin has been appointed as chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, where he will oversee the nation’s banking watchdog. He will replace Liu Mingkang in part of the biggest reshuffle of financial officials in a decade, reports Bloomberg. 

UBS CEO Gruebel Resigns, Leaving Swiss Bank in Disarray

Tom Naratil, CFO of fraud-hit Swiss bank UBS, must be wondering what he’s got himself into. Just three months into the job, he was blindsided, along with CEO Oswald Gruebel, by alleged fraud and false accounting perpetrated by 31-year-old accused rogue trader Kweku Adoboli, which has resulted in a loss of more than US$2 billion for UBS.