Stories by Basware

Four Steps to Invoice Automation

Hundreds of customer projects have shown Basware how crucial a comprehensive Purchase-to-pay (P2P) approach is when a finance department wishes to automate its invoice processing.  This ebook introduces the four essential steps an organization will need to consider before automating its invoice handling process

Aligning Your Organization Starts With Accounts Payable

Invoice automation can enable AP organizations to improve their invoice processing efficiency by over 50% while also gaining visibility into both PO and non-PO-based liabilities. But perhaps more important, it can also become a tool to help companies implement strategies to improve both working capital and supplier management.

How to Save a Fortune and Improve Visibility

An e-Invoice is not an emailed PDF, a scanned version of a paper invoice, a faxed invoice, an EDI or XML data file. Then what is e-Invoicing? This Basware report is about what a company can achieve by moving to 100% e-invoicing and what the CFOs and finance professionals need to bear in mind before making the move.