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Changing Perceptions on ERP Strategy

Three quarters of manufacturing companies have some form of ERP now, and almost half of them are driven by cost saving.  This report examines why manufacturing companies implement ERP, the criteria of selection and the strategies to achieve the Best-in-Class performance.  Key takeaways: 84% of Best-i

ERP in Manufacturing: The Evolving ERP Strategy

Nine out of ten manufacturers have already implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, but not all have been successful. This survey finds that companies that have achieved best-in-class performance share common characteristics, among them:formed cross-functional continuous improvement teams (70%)integrated manufacturing operatio

A View into the Cloud: The Future of Expense Management

This Aberdeen research finds out that the cloud-based T&E expense management technology could lead to lower expense-processing costs and higher rate of compliance to corporate travel policies.  It also explores key attributes of cloud solutions that enable the top-tier performance: