Attention CFOs: Change Your Email Password Immediately

Chief financial officers should change their email passwords immediately to prevent important finance information from landing in the hands of cybercriminals.


Security expert, F-Secure Security Labs says that Hotmail accounts name and passwords published over the weekend were mainly originating from the Latino community, an assumption made based on the passwords used like alejandra, alberto, estrella and such.


“I can't say for sure that Hotmail users in Asia Pacific are not affected, but I would recommend users to change the password just to be safe," says Chia Wing Fei, Senior Response Manager of F-Secure Security Labs.


Scammers who put together a list of 10,000 stolen Hotmail passwords may also be responsible for collecting 20,000 passwords from other e-mail providers, says F-Secure. AOL, Comcast, Earthlink, Gmail and Yahoo are all said to be affected. Thus, Fei suggests users to change their passwords immediately.


Below are some tips from F-Secure: 
- The longer the password, the better - keep it at a minimum of 8 characters
- Make it alpha numeric together with lowercase and uppercase characters
- Make you password expire - most webmail services have this option to make your password expire in 72 days or 90 days.
- Never give your password to anyone or any other sites at all
- Your passwords should never been written down, keep that a bit of information in your head, just like your bankl card’s PIN
- Avoid using the same password for different accounts
- Avoid using known words as your password (your username or words you can find from the dictionary)
"The easy way to do is keep any three common characters in your head, and have complex 10 character passwords,” adds Fei.  “And you can insert those extra characters in the front, middle, or end.”


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