Amazon Outage Raises New Doubts About Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services has announced that the prolonged outage of cloud services that hit some of its customers last week had ended. "We are now digging deeply into the root causes of the this disruption," the company said in a statement.
But it is unclear how the disruption in one of the web's premier cloud services providers will affect the adoption of cloud computing solutions in Asia, where vendors have been making a big play to CFOs about turning capex-heavy business processes to opex.
Amazon Web Services told CFO Innovation that the outage did not have an impact on Asia. The disruption affected only the Elastic Block Store (EBS) product and only "in a portion of one of our five Regions," it stressed.
"EBS began recovering on Thursday and by Saturday was operating normally for all APIs and recovered EBS volumes.  We are digging deeply into the root causes of this disruption and will share the results with our customers," said the statement.


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