Chief Financial Officers for Sustainability Reporting

ISCA (The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants) recently held the ISCA Sustainability Reporting Roundtable – Chief Financial Officers (“CFOs”) for Sustainability Reporting (the Roundtable), which was attended by participants from a diverse mix of organisations at different phases of Sustainability Reporting implementation. 

This report seeks to share the key takeaways from the roundtable in a narrative manner, without quoting specifically the speaker.

To facilitate ease of reading, the key takeaways from the roundtable have been arranged into the following
seven sections:
1. CFOs are Well-Placed to Drive Sustainability;
2. Sustainability Enhances and Complements the CFO’s Function;
3. Challenges to Sustainable Business Practices;
4. Breaking Down the Silos;
5. Sustainability is About Survival;
6. Education Is Crucial; and
7. What Makes a Good Sustainability Report?

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