A Silver Opportunity? Rising Longevity and Its Implications for Business

This EIU survey looks at the risks and opportunities faced by businesses as they start to grapple with changing demographics in developed countries, both in terms of their internal workforces, as well as the changing nature of consumer demand.


Key Findings:

  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals, leisure and tourism, and financial services are the key industries likely to benefit.
  • For some specialised companies, longevity already offers significant growth opportunities.
  • Small and midsize businesses (with revenues of US$500m or less) seem more responsive than larger ones (with revenues of US$1bn or more) in terms of creating new products.
  • Firms face several looming demographic risks to their workforces, prompting nearly half to consider the potential impact of longevity on their staffing.
  • Increased longevity is often considered in terms of its impact on firms’ pension and healthcare obligations; this is the biggest worry on executives’ minds.
  • Outdated human resources policies are the weakest link for many firms.
  • Executives are overwhelmingly interested in working as long as they can, providing their work is flexible.

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